Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just not enough time in the day!

man...i've been crankin' out stuff for my etsy site like crazy!! between that and my regular household & mommy "duties" i kind of feel like my head is spinning! however, i am loving it right now. love creating all these things. it's my passion. the selling part is kind of slow going, but i'm just hoping that will come. it's really just a huge leap of faith! :) so, if you feel so inclined, check out my site at: and then, if you feel even MORE inclined....purchase to your hearts content :) :)
i'm all about handbags right now. this is my first one up on my site. she is called mary jane. isn't she adorable??? the fabric is vintage and i just love the combo of the polka dot with it. i want to keep it, but want to get my business going even more, so i am parting with her on my site.
i have even stitched my tag inside.....seeee......

it's yummy, no? :)

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