Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pink Tumbleweed

that is the name of my newly "launched" business! i have set up an Etsy shop:
this is a place i will sell my jewelry, cards, and possibly a few sewn goodies. right now there is just some of my jewelry. i have been toying with the idea of doing this for a reeeeaaaallly long i'm due!

these fun pieces aren't in my shop - yet. they probably will be, but specific letters may be in limited supply. these are actual scrabble letters from old scrabble games i have gotten at thrift stores. one of them is from 1956! isn't that neat-o?! i had hubby drill the holes for me, which will probably be a task he will not want to continue, especially if i make a high quantity of these.

the bracelet may or may not make it's way into my shop. i can't see doing peoples names because most people have names that are longer than 3 letters. it could get complicated. however, i may just do initials, or something. not sure yet. i love these. they are so going to be adorning my arm and neck for quite some time!!!!

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