Tuesday, June 05, 2007


one of the other blogs i read suggested dumping out your purse and photographing it. i loved this idea because it really gives such an accurate snapshot of your life at THAT particular moment. as a woman, and a MOM we live out of our purse, most of the time. so this is mine, well, actually this photo is a couple months old, but the contents haven't changed much.
purse contents:
snacks for hungry kiddos
a craft project noah made in primary (sunday school)
make-up bag (mostly full of lipgloss)
more random lipgloss (stray from the make-up bag)
ipod nano and headphones
diaper and wipes
that's about all i need to survive away from home. essentials. as i said the contents really don't vary all that much. i'm hoping one of these days SOON i will be without the diapers. but potty training is a whole other post in and of itself!!! ugh!
take a look in your purse and notice how much it says about you, your life, your stage of life, etc. it is really pretty cool! :)

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