Wednesday, June 13, 2007

garage photo shoot

i did my first garage photo shoot yesterday....LOVE the results!! in the many books on photography that i have read, they recommend using your garage to take great pictures...due to the indirect lighting. so i set up a sheet (over our dog kennel!) and clicked away. i got some of my favorite shots to date!!! have a looksie...

and then there is this little gem:
in my thrifting adventures i came across a book: The New Book of Everyday Etiquette. Published in 1946. love it! what a great study on how our culture has changed so very drastically. for the better or worse, you decide. one thing i'm sure of, life was SO much simpler then. way so much simpler!
i have an obessesion with vintage aprons, or just impossibly adorable ones. and i wear them whenever i cook, yes i do! lately i've been reading blogs dedicated to these fabric gems. so today i decided i could definitely manage to make one myself. and i did. i'll post the results tomorrow. (haven't photographed it yet) when i showed my husband he laughed and said i was funny. why? what's so funny, i asked. he said i always get these creative impulses and act on them immediately. it's true. kind of compulsive thing, really. but it yields some great things, so i'm okay with it!!! :)

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