Monday, July 02, 2007

a few changes....

so you may have noticed the new look, blog name, etc. i started playing around with my blog and decided to change it to reflect my new business. i've also added links to my favorite blogs where i gather soooo much inspiration daily. man am i thankful for that! and, of course, a link to my etsy shop sits right on top. :) the new look is pleasing me to no end because i am NOT a techie kind of person. i love computers, and i do try, but HTML???? it sort of escapes me. i realize i don't have a huge following of peeps that read this little 'ol blog, but i look at it as my journal anyway, so it's all good! the smallest things make me seriously giddy (isn't that what life is all about anyway??)
in other three year old had a very three year old kind of day yesterday. it started off with him sucking down some of the glade plug-in air freshener (the oil part). gasp! my panicked hubby called to me and said, get that packaging out of the trash and find out what it says about swallowing it!!! luckily, nothing specific about that. not that you should swallow it... then after saying a little prayer, i said, he needs to drink some milk. sigh. we got him all cleaned up and all was well again. then later that evening, he got a hold of a crayola marker and kind of went to town on the wall. mischievious little one, that one is! but he is adorable and sweet all at the same time. i am so thankful for my little pack of boys. thankful indeed!

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