Saturday, January 27, 2007

special delivery

the thing about moving is that it affords you the opportunity to purge. i have the tendency to collect things, and this goes in spurts. apparently over the years i have "collected" many, many blankets. with all the snow and cold weather we've gotten lately, stephan and i thought it would be cool to find special homes for each of the blankets. namely with some of denver's homeless. (not to mention the opportunity to show the boys how fortunate they really are, and teach them to be charitable.) so tonight we all piled into the van and drove to downtown. we really didn't have a specific place in mind...probably should have looked up a few homeless shelters beforehand...but we didn't think that far ahead - live and learn. now let me tell ya, tonight was flippin' FREEZING!!! as a result, there really weren't any homeless to be found on the streets (fortunately!). this led us to drive around until we could find a homeless shelter, which, eventually, we did. we did encounter one man digging through the trash, so stephan pulled over and asked him if he needed a blanket or two. he was more worried that he was taking away from our kids, which we assured him was NOT the case. so he took two blankets. one to sleep with, and one to make into a poncho - smart! the rest found good homes with people at a shelter in a church. it took us a while, but with determination, persistence and a bit of aimless driving we were led to where the blankets needed to be. all was right in our world! of course i didn't miss the opportunity to get a few stellar pics of denver...come on, would you??

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