Monday, January 29, 2007

lessons in patience and balance

life lessons are all around me...all the time. sometimes i get it, sometimes not. my dog, sammy, teaches me a great deal, whether he knows it or not. this dog has the patience of Job. noah has adopted him as his sidekick. he piles toys all around him (as pictured). piles himself on top of him. throws the tennis ball for him, but ends up throwing it AT him. sammy just deals. he never protests. never even flinches. he simply licks noah every now and then. patient and loving. what a dog! i am always amazed and promptly award him with my love and affection.

then there is always the writing on the wall lessons. you know, the ones that you could literally walk right into and not even notice. this one was on the wall at a restaurant we ate at this weekend. balance. never mind that if you really read it, it is talking about balance in your diet and nutrition. to me it is just a simple reminder to incorporate balance into my life. i think i do a pretty good job of it. all the main elements are there: exercise, play, love (with my kids and husband), spirituality, creative exploration. i even have time to squeeze a novel or two in. still, it never hurts to keep this lesson in the forefront of your mind. repetition. don't you just love life lessons??

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