Monday, January 22, 2007


is what i was saying to myself this morning! why? well, it started off well-intentioned enough. i wanted to clear some space on the ye olde computer (and i do mean ye olde) to make it run faster. i know pictures take up a lot of space, so thought i, since most of my pics are on Adobe Elements why not get rid of the files in the computer. smart enough, right? now, let me pause to say that in my head this morning, i thought it was bloody brilliant. i was really quite
proud of my endeavor. back-patting, the whole bit. anyhow, i deleted the jpeg files, then to take it a step further i cleaned out my recycle bin. after all, if i wanted my computer to run faster i should get rid of the files COMPLETELY. again, a brilliant thought, to me, anyway. so after doing this i go back into Adobe to backup my recent picture downloads onto a CD. hmmm. what's this? why is it "searching" for the files. they're right here. surely i clicked on a wrong key somewhere. okay, let's try this again...uhhh...ummm...(heart beat is quickening. breathing faster. palms sweating). oh sh#$! what did i do???? this can't be true! you're telling me that the files need to be on the computer in order for me to do anything with my pics?????!!!! NO. i won't accept it as truth. okay, so after 10 minutes of frantic searching i finally accept the cold, hard, brutal truth. i have made a grave mistake. perhaps even an un-do-able mistake. quick, think of someone who is computer savvy who can get you out of this one kim... i've got it, my sister-in-law.

fast forward 5 or 6 hours later: i have caved into buying one of those "undelete" software programs for thirty bucks. i need those freakin' pictures back. i mean, some of them are "ansel adam-esque". so far, i think there is light at the end of the tunnel. it's a long process to get them back, but i think i can. yes. all is right in my world again. deep breath. a crack of a smile. i am allowed to make an incredibly dumb mistake once in a while, right? it's all good.

and because i have a hard time posting without having a pic. here you go. it's not too recent, but it's kind of how i feel right now. content and even a bit giddy at how the day has turned out!

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