Tuesday, January 23, 2007

pure and simple things

are the essence of a great life! my computer frustrations didn't end as i thought they would. no. it's kind of snowballing into a long freakin' process. undeleting things is not as easy as it sounds. especially when you've deleted A LOT and what you've deleted isn't labeled very well. sigh. during the day this process is especially long due to the fact that i have a demanding 3 year old who thinks i am only here to serve his needs. so, deep breath. ahhh...it's all good.
after yesterday you better believe i needed my nightly CSI fix. don't you just love "on demand"? it is divine. i haven't gotten into CSI: Miami. but i'm ALL about CSI: NY and CSI. it is one of the most brilliant shows of all time. now, i'm a realist. i know that most crimes out there aren't handled the way they are on the show. the expense alone is astronomical. however, the technology is a bit mind boggeling. and i am always secretly hoping Grissam will have a hot love affair with SOMEONE. ANYONE. come on! i guess that's part of his allure. and Gary Sinise just keeps getting hotter. actually most of the guys on the CSI: NY cast are delicious. no? dang, i would love to be a csi agent. it's right up there with my Nancy Drew dream. i would rock a mystery! i've got all the proper pensive looks down pat! i have many different dreams that keep me going sometimes. some, i will admit, are a little "out there". that is the beauty of dreaming though. pure and simple things. the stuff of this mystery gals life!

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