Wednesday, January 24, 2007

revamp, rev-up, overhaul

my car? no. me! it's not all bad, in fact by most people's standards it's not bad at all. however, when buttoning the jeans in the morning i have to pull just a little more than i would like. and, yes, i am 33 and feel age setting in. mainly in my left knee. i refuse, absolutely refuse to become a bitter, whining, pathetic, bag of a woman! refuse i tell you! so we go to what has been tried and true...Tae Bo. ah yes, Billy and i go way back. he once kicked my sorry butt into a puney size 2! HA! i'm telling ya, Tae Bo works it out. all out. you lose weight and inches in places you didn't know you had places. perfect for me at this point in my life. perhaps it's a bit of an early mid-life crisis, or maybe it's the voices inside that are playing havoc with my confidence. either way, it's not all bad because it's motivated me to take action. so last night i put in one of the dvd's and went to work. i had to navigate around a busy three year old and a dog who wanted the tennis balls i had in my hands. why tennis balls you ask...well, you are supposed to use smallish exerisize balls but after moving a couple thousand times i only have one of said balls left. go figure. so with every punch or lift of my arms sammy's head would sway to and fro, complete with pathetic puppy dog eyes. not to worry though, he was rewarded at the end of the workout with his tennis balls. all was right in his world again.
i'll let you know how it's going. i'm hoping that by putting this...goal, declaration, ambition, whatever you want to call it, on this blog it will be further motivation for me not to quit on myself. i need all the mojo i can get. so, dear void, send me that all too precious mojo!!!!!

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