Wednesday, January 24, 2007

dreaming while awake....

this is something i do a lot. in many different forms. one of those is my illustrated journal. it's a place that i put any and all ideas i come across in magazines. i also make notes and date each page. that way when i go back and look through it i can see how my tastes might have changed, or if something is really "speaking" to me. i find that to be the case a lot because i see many reaccuring themes. it's really one of my favorite unwinding activities, and something that has helped me to evolve my own style. i have almost filled my first notebook. it's taken two years because i go in spurts with it. lately though, i've been fillin' it like mad!

i strongly urge anyone to do this. it's so wonderful, freeing, creatively delicious, and most satisfying. not to mention how my scrapbooks, home and fashion has benefited. truly, try this...i promise you'll have fun!!!
sweet dreams!

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