Thursday, November 13, 2008

taking in the beauty around me..

i am so overwhelmed by the love and support from you all! thank you so much for being here for me and my family.

this weekend we did something we haven't been able to do in FOREVER...we got outta town! we used to do these little day adventures a lot more, but then the boys had sport stuff every weekend, and steph has been working a second job. sigh. so, life pulled us in a different direction. but we were able to sneak away this weekend to a gorgeous little town nestled in the mountains...golden, co. man is it beautiful here! and, i am not a beer drinker, but as many of you may know, golden is the home of the coors brewing operation. well, again, i don't drink, but the heavenly smell that permeated the whole town was - baking bread! lots and lots of bread. i was so dang hungry when we left!

unfortunately, ben and kyle weren't with us, so they aren't in any of these pics. i feel like i need to take more pics of them. but, they are harder to "catch" being older and involved in this and that. i will do better at it though!

see what i mean about the smell.......... (actually this was outside a candle shop, but it proved my point so beautifully!)

what a gorgeous escape! i was so thankful to be able to get out of my stale environment and regroup a bit. somehow being in nature always makes me feel closer to heavenly father. which was just what i needed.


Olivia said...

Glad you were able to get away for a little while! It is very beautiful there, wonderful pictures too. What a great time of year to go there.

Grandma Dana said...

You guys deserved to have the time to yourself. The pictures are great as usual.

Kim Luck said...

Love the pics! I have always loved Golden as well. Such a nice little place.

Natalie* said...

the last photo of Noah is so beautiful - perfect lighting.

Toria said...

oh Kim, I am crying right now and wishing I lived closer to where I could help out or hang out or just come up with some craft for us to do together. You are so amazing and I hurt for your loss. I'm glad you were able to escape for the weekend and I hope with the holidays approaching you have lots more tiny escapes and thoughts that bring you closer to Heavenly Father. You are such an example and truly and amazing woman!

Jandi said...

I want to go to Golden now. You painted such a perfect little picture. I can practically smell it. Love the pics.