Friday, November 21, 2008

a random list of things i'm loving right now:

* good 'n plenty candy (it's oh so low in calories and points (weight watcher points)
* blog surfing/inspiration gathering
* my darker hair
* diet coke (this is a constant in my life)
* noah calling me his love heart - something he does quite often
* nightly prayers with my three kids and husband
* new episodes of csi & csi: ny
* laughing
* cold days (though they are few and far between)
* stephan (yesterday he closed the bedroom door when he got home from work and wanted to make out - kiss - for a bit. i loved that he wanted to do that!!)
* friends
* creating (mostly scrapbook stuff)
* the healing qualities of the gospel
* reading my moms blog and learning so much of her life
* counting my blessings
* that first crispy bite of cereal...before the milk imposes it's soggyness
* feeling so young and giddy over, yes i'm gonna mention it - TWILIGHT!!!
* growth - in so many aspects of my life right now
* nighttime - when the kids have just gone to bed and i have all the freedom in the world to do whatever i please!
* seeing evidence of the holiday season....nothing induces excitement and child-like wonder more than this
* music!!! i am totally into my music lately

i challenge/prompt any and all of you to take stock of things that are making you happy right now. blog about it! i know it is these posts that i love to re-read months from now. remember to think of the simple things too! :)

1 comment: said...

I love you and all of your great expressions of art and you blissful way of being. Your heart is present in everything you touch, say and do, and especially in your children and your relationship with Stephan. You are an awesome woman, mother, and daughter. What a blessing you are in all of our lives! I love you Kim!