Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween night

this year was fun, frightful, and everything halloween should be! (my only regret was that we didn't carve pumpkins) my mom flew into town yesterday morning. she wore her costume off the plane - fun!

so this is the motley crew halloween night:
(from left to right: my mom- peggy - polka-dot witch, kyle - the jedi, noah - the would be robot, turned metallic jedi, ben- the creepy grim reaper, stephan - the '70's ladies man, groove-miester extrodianaire!)

the first house of the night! so i want to point out the evolution of noah's costume...he started out as the above metallic jedi. then evolved to a pumpkin head metallic jedi.

then stole my moms witch costume. as he called it the witch in the ditch.

then stole stephans wig and glasses to be, well, a disco robot man??

and then i couldn't resist torturing the dog a bit. he kept sweeping it off with his paw...poor tolerant sammy.

it was kind of ridiculous how much candy the boys brought home. we just dumped it all in one BIG, HUGE, HEAVY box!!!


Stacey said...

right on!! Great pictures! Love Noahs costume evaluation! too cute! Man you guys got a lot of candy! Looks like ours! Yum...I am going to help myself!! hee hee

Stacey said...

ya ok that is supposed to say evolution, LOL

Kim Luck said...

So funny how kids do have a mind of their own. The kids looked great-including Stephan and your mom.

Jandi said...

Cute costumes and SO fun your mom could be here to share in the spookiness.