Monday, August 18, 2008

somehow he managed to do it...

i am not an easy person to surprise for my birthday. i am way too nosey, bossy, and generally concerned about how my day is going to go. i dare say i need to have a day filled with grandeur. i just believe birthdays are the one day during the year when you can want all that. so, that said, stephan had a big challenge before him. but he rose to the challenge and pulled off one heck of a surprise party. i had thrown some wrenches in his plans but he dodged those and managed to surprise me in a big way.

and since my mom and sister couldn't be with me in person, they sent these lovely flowers as stand-in's...
nicholes bouquet:

and my moms gorgeous little flower cake:

thank you to friends and family. especially my thoughtful husband who knew just how to lie to me to surprise me (is that a good thing??)

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Stacey said...

that was so sweet of him! Glad you had a great birthday!!!