Thursday, August 14, 2008


tomorrow, august 15th, i turn 35. i have never been one to shy away from sharing my age. i just don't see the point. i am what i am. i (thus far) have had no problem with getting older. it's something i embrace (again, i say right now. this may change someday!)
so i thought it would be fun to research what life was like during the summer of 1973.

if you were a teenager, you probably wore things like this:

and read magazines like this....... (drooling over these dreamy boys):

if you were a mom-type you most likely wore these styles:

if you were a little girl, your ken doll dressed in these fabulous duds:

popular hairstyles:

steven spielberg, the creator of indiana jones, jaws, e.t., and many other blockbusters looked like this:

what was happening:
* the US bombing of cambodia ends. US troops withdraw from the war in vietnam.
* the watergate hearings begin.
* the world trade center becomes the tallest building in the world.
* the average income was $12,900.00 per year.
* the average price of a new house was $32,500.00.
* a gallon of gas was $0.40 per gallon.
* the sting won best picture at the academy awards.
* jack lemmon won best actor (for his role in save the tiger) at the academy awards.

you were watching shows like:
* the partridge family
* sandford & sons
* the odd couple

you were listening to:
* jethro tull
* chicago
* cat stevens
* pink floyd

life was simple, rockin', and groovy. all hail 1973!


Kim Luck said...

Wow that is so interesting. Makes me want to see what was going on the year i was born!

Olivia said...

Happy Birthday, Kim!!!! (one day early.)

Those outfits the young girls were wearing look eerily familiar...Oh yeah! It's because that's what girls are wearing now too! Haha, look how much hair that ken doll had! Funny stuff...

Anonymous said...

I wanna be Ken... I love his getup, I would totally ROCK that outfit, and look good doing it, no need to put my all know who I am.

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! Love the trip down retro lane!