Friday, August 22, 2008

I am in secret

I am back and she doesnt even know it! Exciting isnt it? Not much to say but Kim seriously read that book in like four days or something..She thinks I know I how to read but really I just play one on TV. So in my real life as many of you know I am a Chef and am currently the General Manager of one of the units our company runs. It is the World Headquarters for Western Union. Kind of an odd place to have your "WORLD" headquarters but none the less it pays our bills most of the time. I have taken a second part time gig at the new Dicks Sporting Goods that is set to open Sept. 5th. I was hired on as a bike tech. Since I started working I have a new respect for my wife and all those who work or have worked in retail, especially those that have opened new stores. It is a ton of work. Well, I just thought it would be fun to write something without Kims permission. HEY BABE? Am I fired?

Later ya'll.....

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kim cherry said...

wow...once again you surprised me. twice in one month. hmm. what else do you have up your sleeve? no, you're not fired. it's kind of cool to have a blog contributor. so does that mean you are my employee? :)