Monday, August 11, 2008

posing animals

back in april we bought a family pass to the zoo. saturday we FINALLY used it! i was quite amazed that almost every animal we saw (my favorite ones, anyway) we cooperating quite nicely with this photographer.

this one is now in my top 5 favorite photos. a majestic animal pondering...what...i wish i knew.

this black bear was seriously slumbering in the (fake) tree! how that could possibly be comfortable, even with all that extra fat, i don't know.

and finally we come to these domesticated animals.....MY animals!

it was hot, the day a bit too long, and much walking for this little guy. he sat every chance he got...pouting as 'loud' as he could to make sure we knew his discomfort.


Olivia said...

Those are AWESOME pics, Kim! I love the gorilla too. That would make a fun card! The inside could say "Thinking of you..." Just kidding! I never get those kind of pics at the zoo. The animals must sense my desperation and decide to be camera shy.

Kim Luck said...

Great pics. I love the bird one too. Glad you put your watermark on there too.

Peggy said...

Great photos of the animals. I love the picture of the gorilla pondering life. I adore the pictures of the boys. Noah is so honest with his feelings.
Love you all and miss you greatly!

Lindsay said...

Love the pictures! You're so talented, Kim!

Anonymous said...

you forgot the most awesome animal of all the world, they call him the king of Colorado, his Latin name is known as king a da Stefano!!!

Natalie* said...

great shots, Kim - cooperating animals makes a day at the zoo so much more fun!