Thursday, April 10, 2008

today vs. yesterday

yesterday i went on a field trip with noah's preschool class to a place called four mile historical park. it was so cool because the kids got to do lots of hands-on activities...things the pioneers had to do everyday. of course they thought it was fun, not work or chores at all. it was a brisk day, but the kids were able to shed their jackets after awhile.

they got to make their own butter....and eat it too!! it was yummy, actually.
...and pan for gold. each found a tiny bit after some sifting through the sand of the creek water.

but........this is what we woke up to this morning:
crazy colorado weather! i am keeping the boys home today because it is still snowing. in a few days i'm sure it will all be a distant memory!!

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Toria said...

kim- I'm so glad you have a blog too. i figured you did, i just didn't know where to find it! i will have to check it out a litle and see how your cute boys are growing and see what creative ideas I can absorb and adopt! but first I have to say CONGRATS on the pregnancy!!!!I'm so excited for you, i'm excited to hear more and to be back in touch!