Wednesday, April 02, 2008

card two and house pics

so i'm really into these "be" cards. they are really fun to put thought into and are like miniture art journals. here is the latest that i did last night. the picture isn't of anyone i know, i just kind of collect vintage photos.
we are in fact making progress on our home. albeit slow's forward movement nonetheless. it feels more like home since we have put our pictures up!

and our living room ceiling fan! what a process that was to get up and going!! i thought it might never happen. we only have 8 foot ceilings in our living room, so anyone who is taller than, well, me, might have to duck to avoid possible beheading. hmm...i wonder if it's bad that i care more about having this awesome fan than the welfare of those who enter my home. no matter, the fan is staying after all it took to get it up!

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