Monday, April 07, 2008

great moments captured!

i love it when the shot just comes together...especially with kids on the move! it's hard to do, but when it happens it makes me so happy! i am really trying to always have my camera with me these days. i feel like i've slacked a little with picture taking.
we took the boys to the park by our house this weekend (of course i had ideas of my own in the form of a mini photo shoot!) they had a lot of fun. i remember when i was little and swinging as high as i could then jumping off was the best. the feeling of flying for even a moment was worth the hard fall. now as a mom i find myself wanting to tell my kids, "not so high" or "be careful, you're landing too hard". but i let them be kids despite my control issues. instead i focused on trying to capture the moment. i think i did:

look at the look on his face...he is watching everything his brothers do and making mental notes. won't be long until he is trying the flying swing maneuver!

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