Tuesday, April 01, 2008

good for the soul

yesterday was a tough day. nothing too horrible, but normal stuff that got to be a lot of stress. my way of coping with the stress is to create. either sewing, scrapbooking, anything creative will do. i get to immerse myself in a world of my very own. so last night i thought i would FINALLY begin my word of the year stuff. (back in january i posted on choosing a word of the year that inspires) i made a journal page and a small card-like page. i think it will end up in a file of some sort. not sure yet. it's not any conventional size to fit in any sort of album, so it's up to me to build a home for it.

this one was fun because i got to play with a sharpie and watercolor pencils.

sorry you may not be able to read the journaling. i listed things that were true for me yesterday. this was the first page i did last night. very therapeutic indeed!!

more soccer pics! i really need to work with him because he isn't quite grasping the concept of going after and kicking the ball. he will. he has fun out there though!!
check out mr. casual with his hands in his pockets!

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