Wednesday, April 09, 2008

altered objects

i have been wanting to branch out a bit from paper scrapbooking, mainly working with larger canvases. but this cute little holder (which i bought at the dollar store) just begged to be altered a bit. i collect old scrabble games, so i have tons of tiles. this little project makes me happy! it lives happily in the boys bathroom as a not-so-subtle reminder for them to brush their teeth!

and then there's these small canvases. i got them a couple of years ago at big lots, i think. they have a generic asian scence painted on them. i haven't been crazy about them, so last night i changed them. at the bottom it says "our love just gets better & better". the first canvas picture was taken after stephan got baptized, before we were married. the second was taking in monterrey, ca in 2006 when we lived in ca. and i can honestly say that i love him more today than i ever have. that, to me, is so cool! :)

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