Friday, August 21, 2009

a wee burst of creative energy

perhaps it's early nesting instincts...only instead of decorating the room for baby i am decorating me! i'm okay with that! :)
(we are waiting to find out if we are having a GIRL to make a perfectly dreamy, girly baby room)

while away on my mountain escape i stumbled upon a stellar bead shop. i was in heaven. i didn't have tons of money to spend, so i had to reaalllly limit myself. but i managed to get a few lovelies. this is what i created:

the carved rose beads in this set were gifted to me by my travelin' sister. she purchased them in china. i love that when i wear it, and play with the beads, i think of her! that girl!

and this.....sigh....this is not a creation of mine, but can be found here.
i really need this sign. but in PINK, the loveliest of colors. it is a motto i can easily adopt, and one that would make all the bad stuff just *poof* go away!
happy crafting, creating, and dreaming to you!


Natalie* said...

oh that mountain bead shop sounds so fun - love what you've created with what you found there.

Jandi said...

You are so talented. I was just thinking this morning, as I was picking one of the many lovely earrings made by you, I am so happy to have a talented friend that shares. Great as usual and thanks.

kim said...

I agree with Jandi-thanks for being so giving with your talents. I love my earrings you have given me too! Love the necklaces-they are so cute!!

Angela Henderson said...

I love those necklaces, how awesome. You are so cute, miss ya! Hope your feeling good still!

Angie Fellows said...

Gorgeous necklaces! You are truly amazingly talented!