Monday, August 24, 2009

one of my fun, lose-myself, play, be silly, be totally free, happy places

i know i've posted about journaling before. but it is something i do so randomly that i am really posting this for me to motivate myself to do it MORE!
when i journal/paste/write/draw/color, i am five again. it really jump starts my creativity to do other things. it is one of my favorite things to do, as is going through some of the pages over and over again. it's a compilation of my favorite things, and happy thoughts....who wouldn't want to revisit that??
so having said all of that, please don't judge me. i am giving you a peek inside, and realize that the writing/drawing/etc. may not be perfect or up to certain standards. it shouldn't be. that's the point. i may use words in "improper" ways. that is least when i journal. no rules. no lines to stay in. just freedom to do as i please.

this is an activity i want to do again. i collected random things throughout the week. things i saw on the ground, stuff i got at restaurants, etc. i tried to write a bit on each item to remind me where i found it, what it is.

and here are some of the contents of that envelope...

these are what some of my typical journal pages look like. depending on how much time i take.

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Natalie* said...

i do love looking through your journals - my inspiration book is STILL downstairs - i just keep collecting and not journaling! i'm hopeful that as soon as i get the halloween costumes finished up, i can dedicate time to it. i know it will be such a source of joy to me, as yours have been for you. also, it's amazing how many of our snippets are the same