Thursday, August 20, 2009

happy birthday kyle

yesterday kyle turned 11.
of course i have been musing on how time flew by, how he has changed...all the usual thoughts. but i have to say, i think he is turning into a great young man. he is one of the most thoughtful people you will meet. sometimes it's disguised by a bit of shyness, coolness, and a typical aloof 11 year old attitude. but it's there. it shows up in little things he does. like giving me a lego-likeness of me for my birthday. he raided his lego stash to create a mini me. so cute! or the way he is always looking out for his little brother. they fight like cats and dogs, but he is loyal and protective.
what were the big ticket birthday items this year:
an ipod nano (from my mom)
a large lego pirate village (from us)

what did he want to do on his birthday:
go to the skatepark. done.
see GI Joe. done.
have a donut breakfast. done.

happy birthday kyle. your cool humor and sweet disposition bring so much happiness to our home!

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kim said...

Happy birthday Kyle. He is a sweet kid. Handsome dude too:)