Wednesday, February 04, 2009

thrifting bliss!

it's been awhile since i've shared the fruits of a trip to the thrift store (actually, it's been awhile since i've shopped!). the purpose of this trip (yes, i do usually have a purpose) was to buy some books. i was hoping to get lucky and find any one of the six jane austen books. i knew it was a long shot. i did, however, find two books involving jane austen. one is a biography, the other, is, um...well i'm not exactly sure what it's about, but i was intruigued.

the books are stacked upon a LOVELY - seriously lovely, cake stand. it is crystal, with a silver base (hard to tell due to the extreme tarnished appearance) there is a sticker that says italy. sigh and swoon! how lucky did i get? a cake stand, which i have been wanting, and with such a gorgeous vintage-ness to it. and made in italy, to boot? thrilling! oh, and the price? $5.95. that, my friends, is what they call the ICING on my gorgeous, thrifted, vintage cake stand.

then we come to the item behind the books. it is hard to tell, but it is a cabinet housing a few shelves. it will most likely reside in my studio space. on the wall, after the chicken wire is installed. details on that in a later post. the price for this? $3.20.

sweet sassy mollassy, that's what i call a good day of thrifting! not "original seatbelt bag" good, but good.

and speaking of miss jane, i am a bit obsessed these days. obsessed with all things victorian, romantic and "regency" themed. if i could i would love to step into a jane austen novel. for just a few days. i would miss my flushing toilet, and maybe my car. though i think i could get used to bumpy carriage rides. as a result of this recent obsession, i have taken up calligraphy. again. i dabbled a bit in high school. i love the feeling of the nib on paper. the smell of the ink. the slight raised appearance of the letters. so satisfying and tangible. the complete opposite of sending a text message, which frustrates me. don't get me wrong, i do text. but it is such an inferior form of communication - as far as i'm concerned. i don't like to waste words (which is why i am not a phone person, either). when you HANDwrite a letter or card, you are forced to think about what you are communicating. and the recipient feels special. really special. who doesn't like to get any kind of written word?? i have determined to hone my hand lettering skills and put them to good use. not sure what use that would be, maybe just sending letters to those i love and care about. that in and of itself would be well worth it. no?


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are some great thrifty finds! And if you haven't read (or listened to the audiobook) Austenland by Shannon Hale, I think you might like it!

Natalie* said...

fabulous! alright, so a couple things regarding miss jane austin - read the original books before you read "the jane austin book club" because it will make more sense and be a lot more enjoyable. also you NEED to get over here and watch the versions i have - i have three versions of "pride & prejudice" - naturally that, "sense & sensibility" "mansfield park" being my favorites. you need to remind me which ones you've seen and which you haven't - but the bottom line is GET OVER HERE AND WATCH WITH ME!!!

Ryan and Kim said...

I agree. I love getting cards. I am horrible at sending them though :( I should resolve to do better!

Nicole said...

very cool finds. i really liked the jane austen book club but i agree with nat (shocking, i know)--be sure to read austen's books first.