Monday, January 26, 2009

art trading cards and a peek inside...

recently i have gotten into ATC's or art trading cards. i did a swap with some of the ladies at scrap n' art. it is something that has intrigued me for quite some time. and so my collection begins. here are the ones i have done:
(i haven't gotten the others from the swap yet)

and then, because it's been awhile since i've shown you my beloved's a glimpse into what i affectionately call my studio!!

overall view - kind sewing machine and
a few other bookcases are not pictured

my desk - it is NEVER clean. if it was that would be a sign
that i'm not using it. and that would be sad.

various lovelies - a bit of this and that for projects

inspiration - okay, the twilight pictures don't necessarily inspire
me, but they are nice to look at.

fabric bins - a wee look at my growing collection. i get fabric from:
joann fabrics
flea markets
thrift shops
the paris flea market (happens during the summer)
vintage items (tablecloths, etc)
shower curtains (from target...they have fab. prints)
that is currently all i can remember, but i'm sure the list goes on...

also not pictured is my jewelry making nook. that is actually part of my sewing machine table. a situation that needs amending. it's comical to watch me sqeeze into the area where my beads and things are and make jewelry. but i do it.


kim said...

Your cards turned out great.

Natalie* said...

yours is my favorite craft space - I love just taking it all's MY inspiration! :D
and i love my ATC - I'm putting it in a frame and placing it where I can see it every day - the BB quote will always and forever remind me of you now!
simply cannot wait for the Paris Flea Market - I'm saving my money now!

Stefanie said...

I have some awards for you on my blog! Love...

Nicole said...

i love your studio--it is seriously cool. and thanks for telling natalie about the arts and letters daily site. i'm a tad addicted to it now.