Wednesday, January 21, 2009

winter in colorado

today it's 70. by friday, snow.
gotta love a place you can where shorts, but still need snow boots due to residual snow on the ground!


Kim Luck said...

So Noah, so cute!

Jandi said...

That is so true. That is why I LOVE it here. If you get sick of the snow, wait a day. If you get sick of the sun, wait a day. I love it HeRe!!

Nicole said...

yeah, natalie called me from the park yesterday to tell me it was 70. i'm seriously jealous. winter in utah is usually just lots and lots of cold. bleh.

Natalie* said...

noah is totally stylin' - awesome.
colorado winters are definitely better than utah ones, no doubt about that. i guess if you can't be in hawaii or southern california all winter, colorado will do just fine. :D