Friday, January 23, 2009

a peek into the minds of a five and ten year old...

it's been awhile since i've noted cute things the kids have said. mostly because my memory is crap, and i don't write it down RIGHT away. so here are two notable conversations that i can recall:

last night on the way to pack meeting for scouts -

noah: "mommy will we still be alive when we're with Jesus?"
me: "well, yes, in a way."
noah: "so we will be able to walk around in jesus-town, with Jesus?"
me: "yes."

christmas shopping with kyle -

me: "ooo, kyle, feel this scarf! would you wear a scarf like this?" (it was fur, and i was joking)
kyle: "yes."
me: totally shocked and a little amused..." really? even though it's made of fur and probably for a girl?"
kyle: straight-faced...."well, it feels like the fur behind teddy's (our saint bernard) ears. you know that fur? i've have thought about a way to keep it with me all the time, and a scarf would be great."
me: "hmm." then thinking to myself, you are a strange and at the same time completely logical guy, kyle.

that is currently all i remember.
i hereby promise (to myself) to be better at documenting these "golden" conversations.


Jandi said...

It is hard to "look back" and remember, that is why I try to post it right away. (even then I forget!) That is funny, Jesus-town. And seriously Kyle, what a great idea. You have to agree...

Kim Luck said...

Jesus-town-that is cute. and I agree with Jandi-good idea, Kyle.

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

i love the fun little things they say. glad you documented the jesus town especially. what a cute story for him to hear about when he's older.

Natalie* said...

great stuff - i love the conversations i have with my kids, too.