Friday, February 06, 2009

happy birthday ben

as it was brilliantly stated on the office last night, on a banner designed by dwight: it is your birthday.

my oldest child, benjamin, is 13 today.
a teenager.
my head is spinning just a little bit. it's surreal at best.
i am so pleased with the person he has become.
ben is truly an amazing individual, with personality to spare!
he is caring, loving, funny, talented, smart, spiritual.
i am lucky to be his mom.

happy birthday, ben.
you are a brilliant individual who contributes to everyone he meets!!

4 comments: said...

I cried when I opened this blog today, as I am moved by how sweet and dear Ben is and was as a baby. I remember the day he was born and all the times we had together as he was a baby.
He is a precious one and I celebrate with you on his 13th birthday.
Great job raising dear sweet and kind boys.
Love you all!

Olivia said...

Love those pictures! Congrats on beginning your "mother of a teenager" stage. It's going to be exciting I bet! :)

Angie Fellows said...

Those pictures are adorable! I hope your birthday decorations were as great as Dwights! =)

kim said...

You're right, he is such a sweet and thoughtful person. Happy late Birthday Ben!