Sunday, September 28, 2008

FINISHED - Colorado Wild Women Duathalon!!!!!

woo hoo! i did it. i survived. i am stronger than before (at least mentally). my friend erin and i did this duathalon together and loved it. i won't lie and say that i had a smile on my face the whole time. in fact, the bike part of it kicked my butt - hard! i wasn't expecting that, because i usually fair pretty well on a bike. but, as you can see in these first couple of pictures, the whole ride was hilly. and the way back was pretty much ALL uphill. ugh. serious ugh, sigh, pant, and heave! yes, i almost threw up. (that's me...the tiny pink dot!!)me - in pink!
and my backside, chuggin' up that dang hill. doing lots of "self-motivation" at this point, just to stay on the bike.

here is the transition area where you leave you bike (and gear) and take off on the run portion of the race. of course i forgot where we were parked and dumbly stood in the middle for quite some time, looking rather lost, feeling very stupid. and then, aha, there we are! okay, back in business.
at this point i can see the finish line, and so a tiny smile appeared on my weary lips (every square inch of me was weary by now). oh, and i could hear my "cheering" section: stephan, ben, kyle, noah, eric (erin's hubby) and her son logan, and erin who had finished about 7 minutes before me.

right after i crossed the finish line. i was downing water like nobody's business! and my face is that red not only from the sun, but from every blood vessel screaming out! but, oh so worth it!
erin and i. i was seriously so happy and proud in this moment! definitely one i will keep in my mind as i train for my next venture!!! :) this stuff is addictive!

thanks, erin for a great day of duathaloning together!!!


Jandi said...

Congrats! I knew you could do it. It must feel good to be done and survived! On to the next one.

Anonymous said...

For those of you that read this, my GIRL ROCKED OUT WITH HER SOCKS OUT, FUR SHUR!!!!

Love you,
Stephan said...

I am so proud of you Kim. You are a super star! Congratulations of an awesome duathalon you wild, wild woman you!!!

Olivia said...

You rock! Congrats, and I'm glad you had such a great experience. :) That is way cool.

Stacey said...

DANG!!!!! Congrats girl!! I so don't think I would have made it!! lol

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

congrats kim!! way to push through and carry on.

Natalie* said...

you're awesome - there is no way i would even get half-way through something like that. and i love your smile at the end - it's so expressive!

Ashley said...

Great Job!! That is actually motivation to me to do something like that. I really need to!!!!

Erin said...

We rock and it was such a BLAST! We accomplished our goals: 1) finish-check 2) not die-check...and then...we weren't even last! YAHOO! Go us! Thanks for the wonderful memories! Let's do another!

Toria said...

congratulations!!! Sounds like tons of fun (afterwards). Impressive feat!