Thursday, September 25, 2008

scrapbook/art journal share

yesterday i started working on my "summer 2008" scrapbook. i picked the best moments (88 of them!) of our summer, and will put them in a scrapbook according to the 'chapters' they fall under. i don't do this as a rule for all my scrapbooking. (i've been asked what my method is) i just go with the flow. however i feel at that moment. whatever pictures i want to scrap are the ones i scrap. it's totally random, but i get the best results doing it this way. i did 6 pages yesterday, here are two:

for super saturday a few weeks ago (at church) we made decorated journals. i can NEVER have enough journals. i currently have about 5 (seriously) that i write/draw/paste/play in. this one was no exception, and has turned in to yet another art journal.
i thought i would share a few entries. the first one is definitely my motto. i totally live by the 'code'!!
it's always fun to peek into the lives of others, no? (click on the picture to enlarge and be able to read)

i am still trying to think of what my other roots are. am i forgetting something major? i feel like i am.


Natalie* said...

i would love to have a doodle journal but i can't doodle... love your stuff - create away, girl!

The Jackson's said...

I never knew you were that good at art. I so cannot draw!