Wednesday, September 17, 2008

passion for scouting

a few months ago i was called (in our church you get callings, or "jobs") to be the cub scout wolf den leader. for those of you who don't know, the wolves are the 8 year old boys. two out of three of my boys are in the scouting program, so i believe that me receiving this calling was definitely the Lords will. at first i felt a bit lost because there is so much to know! but on saturday i went to the new leader training. ....
i am officially on FIRE!! totally in love with this great program called boy/cub scouts! i want to be the best den leader i can possibly be. i want to motivate my own boys to get their eagle (the highest honor a boy can earn in the scouting program). i feel thus far that i have let them down a little bit. i haven't been the most supportive scouting parent. they have missed many meetings. so much so that kyle did not earn his own wolf badge. (he has since gone on to earn his bear, and is working on his webelos badge)
ben is in boy scouts now and has earned his tenderfoot. he is close to getting his second class, and with a little nudging from me he will have that soon! i believe as a scout, both of them need to be self-motivated to obtain their ranks. however, they are 10 and 12, and therefore easily distracted by other boy things. it will probably be even harder once they fully embark into their teenage years. BUT - i will keep them on track!! i just believe it is that important!! a life-changing program, for sure.

i feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has put me in this calling. i know it is inspired. i know i was meant to serve in this great organization, and i hope to stay in it for a long time. i not only want to inspire and uplift my own boys, but the boys in my den as well. i feel i have been given a certain stewardship over these guys, and i want to rise to that awesome station. i know, without a doubt, that the scouting program is what this world needs to produce young men that are able to lift us up where we should be. it instills important and vital values, seemingly lost to our society.
for those of you that have boys, look forward to this awesome program!!!
okay, now is the time i step off my soap box. thank you for your attention. ;)

"In all of this, it is spirit that matters. Our scout law & promise, when we really put them into practice, take away all occasion for wars & strife among nations."
~Sir Robert Baden-Powell (founder of Boy Scouts, 1857-1941)


Vanessa said...

Love your post Kim! Being newly called to scouting you inspire me because it seriously overwhelms me! I told Brian this was his job but I guess Heavenly Father thinks it is my job too.(He is right, of course) I am trying to find my enthusiasum for scouting since I will be doing it for the next 18 years or so!

Jandi said...

I love to read about your excitement. Just since I have met you, you seem to have "grown" so much to me. In a good way of course. Thanks for sharing!!

Natalie* said...

One of my favorite things about motherhood is how our children's stages become our stages, too - I feel your excitement through this entry and KNOW that when Jayden gets to the Scouting age, I'll be coming to you for pointers on how to stay involved and keep track of everything. As you said, it's so important.
Oh and FYI - when y'all go to London (first, take me with you :D), do go and pay homage to the Boy Scouts Museum - its way to small, but you gotta do it.

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

scouting is one of those callings that you either love or hate and i am so glad that you are loving it! an enthusiastic den leader is so important to a successful program. not to mention the fact that it helps keep us parents on track! eagles by age 14?!?!

Kim Luck said...

i think that is great you are so excited about scouting. that will make you that much a better leader. i regret not getting more into scouts when i was a den leader, so i just think that is great you are.

Toria said...

how fun- and good luck with that. That's my mother-in-laws favorite calling and she is amazing at it with lots of ideas if you ever need any. John had that calling for a short time last year (until we moved). So fun. Enjoy!