Wednesday, May 02, 2007

tales of thrifting!

so have i ever mentioned what a HUGE thrifting geek i am???? i am! it's bad!! but the good thing is...i rotate my "stock". i'm constantly going through my closet/kitchen/cupboards/etc. and taking stuff to thrift shops. i should get some sort of commission or discount....somethin'!! anyhow, yesterday i made a dangerous stop at the local thrift shop. i say dangerous because i never get out of that place for less than 25 bucks. it doesn't sound like much, but remember, i am a scrap-a-holic too and i make frequent trips to hobby lobby and other such places. sigh. so the trip started out innocently enough...2 bucks in the cart, not too bad. okay, then a couple 3 dollar but then i spotted them. it was seriously like a golden light was shining on them from above. i swear i heard a choir of angels too, harps, the whole nine yards. those beautiful, perfectly worn cowboy boots!!! such a gorgeous neutral color that will go perfectly with jeans, skirts, etc. the price? a whopping 10 bucks! ouch. but still, no hesitation on my part. into the cart they went. of course. if they had a bit of pink on them i seriously would have considered a marriage ceremony. but, another thrift shop might hold those beauties for me! :) oh, then, right before i was going to check out i spotted the cutest vintage aprons. i have quite the thing for vintage aprons. adorablity at it's best!!!! i do wear them on occasion too. so this was my total haul:

from left to right: a black lace shirt, two skirts, a vintage slip, a vintage bingo game (i will use the pieces in my scrapping endeavors), a wicked-awesome avocado green metal box (again, scrapping supply use), cool graph paper (more scrap stuff), those kick-a$$ boots, they are sitting upon a vintage table cloth (which might become a quilt or something else, not sure yet), and those freakin' adorable aprons. ahh. good day indeed!

okay, then there's my obsession with cool necklaces. i make most of them. i wear all of them (and more...another drawer full in fact). it's kind of my thing. i just love the visual interest that accessorizing (sp?) gives someone. it makes me way too happy! i stumbed upon this site:
oh my gosh!!! i was so in heaven! totally want to be a road sista! it's my dream life...very much a dream, but still, it's my happy place :) i love everything about these girlies. the style just screams KIM!! visit the site, you'll get it!
happy wednesday to you :)

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