Thursday, May 03, 2007

so much creating to be done...

i have been having dreams, yes dreams in the literal sense of the word, of making a quilt. i am no great seamstress, but i do okay. so on my weekly jaunt to hobby lobby i picked out a few fabrics to build my quilt around. it's going to be so much fun...i hope!! and cute too.

my "ali" kit arrived from creating keepsakes. i was lucky enough to get my hands on one before they sold out, and they sold out quick!! like in two days, quick! i'm so excited for this project too. i think i'm going to do either a month in the life, or a week in the life. just everyday life. that is what interests me most. :) i have already used the stamps. love 'em. i'm not a kit person usually, but i do love ali's stuff so i couldn't possibly resist it.

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