Tuesday, May 22, 2007

noahism #5003

so i always feel like i have to have a picture to post an entry in my blog. it's silly, but true. then i realized that one of the reasons i have this blog is to chronicle my life. kind of like another form of a journal. so when i scrapbook stuff i can go through my archives and see what happened on a particular month. ANYWAY.....last night while on the phone with my mom, noah was telling her all about teddy (our dog). how did he refer to him? "the long animal"...said with his hand outstretched as if to display the long animal. like a museum exhibit. then of course he held the phone out and said, "see? see him??". we've explained about a thousand times that people on the phone can't see, they can just hear you, but it does no good. maybe he knows something we don't. it cracked us up to no end!! that kid has a million of 'em!
enjoy your tuesday! (pictures on the next post, i promise....hee hee)

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