Thursday, May 24, 2007

a flying nun on the way to Wicked

yes, you read that right. on the way to see Wicked, the musical, last night in Denver i saw, in my path, a tiny little nun. a toy nun, to be more precise. no bigger than my finger tip. hmmm....i saw it as good karma. so i scooped her up, dusted her off, put her in my pocket and made my way to the theatre. Wicked, by the way, was absolutely phenominal!!!! oh my goodness!!! if you haven't seen it, or don't go to many broadway shows, you really should consider it. loved it!!!!! and i went with a really fun bunch of gals. it was the first girls night out i've had in quite a while. i had such a blast just laughing and being in the company of some funny chicks! then of course the show was the perfect cap off to a great evening. my hubby stayed home with the kiddos and urged me to do this last minute escapade. i am oh so glad i did! :)
(so i know i promised a pic. the next time i posted. okay, i lied. no pic. in this post. but come on, it was worth the read anyway, no?) :) :) next time, picture..really...i promise!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are a creative wiz and really paint a great picture of your life and your family.
I love you and your beautiful art.
Momma Bear