Sunday, May 06, 2007

project complete!

look what i spent all day friday doing...

it is DONE!! i am so totally proud of myself because i've never made a quilt before. it's not perfect, and i certainly didn't measure very much. it's...shall we say..rustic, country chic. and i even embroidered my name and date in the corner. but let me tell ya, tieing a quilt is NOT EASY!! sounds easy, yes. but it is difficult at best. i have the blood and scrapes to show for it.

and how do you like my "new" boots in action?? at a ranch, no less. i went out to my sister-in-law's ranch this weekend and took lots of cool photos. can i just tell you that it is truly heaven out there in the middle of nowhere! it is! so peaceful and wide open. just you, the prairie grass and the prospect of a rattler! (but we didn't see any)

a 100+ year old barn on the ranch...

and ben taking in the beauty and majesty of it all!

this was taken on our drive to colorado springs, on highway 83. so much beauty that we simply take for granted. pass by it, possibly daily, and never really appreciate it for what it is. i am so soaking in every ounce of gorgeousness around me - as much as i possibly can. every single day!
on that note, enjoy your week. truly and really, enjoy it! :)

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