Tuesday, February 24, 2015

project life week 6

i am a little late posting week 6, and still need to crank out week 7. but i'm still on course!
week 6's standout event was Valentines Day. i cannot stress how much i love this holiday. the pink of it all. love is everywhere. and, i would never fail to mention, chocolate. being that i am a romantic gal, how could i not love a day when romance is forced on the world?

quotes are another thing that i love so. poetic, or sometimes plain and simple words can do so much. language is a powerful tool to the human psyche. i downloaded the quote below from ali edwards blog. she has such lovely handwriting.

i never want to forget the sweet things my little boys do (while they are still little). taping a lego guy to a nerf dart, and propelling him as far into the open sky as possible, all while wearing carefully stylized gear - that warrants serious documentation for future generations.
sticking out his tongue while carefully crafting valentines for each member of his preschool class - though the moment may be burned in my memory, it still must be recorded for all time, no?

steph and i went to an italian restaurant called The Bent Noodle. it is a theme-ridden, sappily romantic eatery complete with dusty plastic grapevines strung along the ceiling. i eat that junk up! dinner itself was forgettable, but the experience was sweet and will live in my heart.
steph didn't buy me roses or any such flower that will die in a week or two. he knows flowers aren't my thing (plants, on the other hand...buy me a plant and i'm yours!). but as i mentioned before, words, language - that is what speaks to me. he wrote me a beautiful letter and included a poem that he penned for me when we were dating.

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