Tuesday, March 10, 2015

project life weeks 7 & 8

i just finished reading a brilliant book: The Happiness Project. reading that book was like taking a much needed deep breath. it reaffirmed so many things that i know, intellectually, but have forgotten mentally. she takes on almost all aspects of her life in one year through monthly resolutions (not goals, resolutions. difference? a goal is something you hit. a resolution is something you continue to strive for).
why am i telling you this? other than the fact that you really should put this book on your reading list. it's worth it. i mention it because i have felt the first pangs of "this project life thing is getting to be quite the project". hence the reason i am cramming two weeks in one post. it really bothers me that i am losing steam. after reading this book i felt renewed resolution. if she could conquer so many resolutions, surely i can do this ONE thing! that's what i will use to push/guilt/bribe/shame myself with. whatever works, right?

week 7 found me taking very few photos. but i like the visual simplicity.

week 8, i had the opposite problem. i used an additional insert to accommodate some of the extra photos. it's a lot to look at, but i wanted to use the photos to tell the story of the week.

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