Wednesday, February 04, 2015

project life week four

i find this process is getting easier and super satisfying! there is so much i can say about really documenting your life. documenting in a detailed,  and intensive way. even looking back a few weeks is fun and seeing the everyday moments highlighted makes me appreciate my life so much. i am blessed. so very blessed!

there is a velum gold polka dot insert that you can see through in the picture (distracting and not intended). but in real life it's much more impressive. trust me. :)

one of my christmas presents was a vintage typewriter. it's not still not working. my husband is going to take it apart and give it a thorough cleaning. and it needs ribbon. but it is sitting by my sewing machine. looking at me longingly whenever i go downstairs. beckoning me to fix and use it again. once it's working i will be using it like crazy in my layouts, cards, lots of things!!
there is something so romantic about using things from the past. another reason why i surround myself with old books. they are tucked into every corner of my home.
but i digress...
until i get my real typewriter up and working i have typed out some of the journaling on my computer.

highlights from this week:
* noah participated in battle of the books
* family haircuts from yours truly
* dinner downtown
* read two books
* went to the gym 6 days
* mindful eating and cooking
* crazy weather. snow then a few days in the high 60's. typical colorado.

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