Thursday, February 12, 2015

project life week 5

my apologies on the extra crappy photo above. :(  though it's a bit blurry, you get the idea of the layout as a whole.

this was a fairly "normal" week in our life. the standout event was ben's 19th birthday!! despite the normality of the week it was not dull. i felt like i was always running a child here or there...exhausting. 

for my "week" title card i would like to point out that the word week is a stamp, which i carved. it's my handwriting. it was a pain! i had grand illusions of making lots of word and phrase stamps in my handwriting. now, more like basic shapes. maybe enough time will pass and i will forget how tedious it was to carve and i will make another word. that is the more likely scenario.

i "word-processed" (is that a thing anymore??) my journaling again. i love the juxtaposition of typed and handwritten journaling.

i would recap the week, but it's all in the typed journal block above.

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