Friday, October 10, 2008

tagged - time to learn more about me!

i've been tagged. this one is to list 7 random things about yourself. i love these things because they make you reveal yourself just a bit, and after all, this is a journal of sorts, no? i will want my kids to know these things too.

1) i have a really hard time accepting help/charity/service from others. i am more than willing to give it, and try to seek out opportunities to do so, but being on the receiving end is hard for me. and ASKING for help???? forget it! i have to reallllly have exhausted all my options before i do that. i have worthiness issues, i guess.

2) things that freak me out: grass (sitting on), frogs, most slimy things, being late. i seriously have a panic attack if i even think i will be late. i am always 10 minutes early (unless it's inappropriate to be that early - in which case i usually still am, i just park or drive around until the acceptable time arrives) if i am late, something is terribly wrong.

3) i twirl my hair when i am: bored, nervous, stressed/anxious or thinking. so, kind of all the time. stephan tells me my hair will fall out someday (because i am a really stressed out girl), but i can't seem to stop this bad habit.

4) no matter what i do i cannot limit my creative interests. i've tried to focus on one or two things. impossible. my mind is in constant motion, and to deny myself a certain creative outlet is like killing a big part of who i am.

5) when i was younger i was painfully shy. catholic school was really hard for me because it was so clique-ish. i would pretend to be sick as often as my mom would "fall" for it just to avoid school. when i got into high school i sort of grew out of this a bit, but in certain social situations i still have shy tendencies.

6) i was on my high school dance team, and was captain my senior year. we went to nationals and took third place that year. a far cry from the shy catholic school girl, huh! (dancing is something i dearly miss, and often dream about taking classes. maybe when time and money are more abundant)

7) if you see me without accessories (ie: jewelry, usually lots of it) there is something wrong, or i have just worked out. i love to wear jewelry! i love to make jewelry. i have an accessory addiction. one that i have no desire to cure, because i think i wouldn't be me without my jewelry! i will definitely be that old lady who wears a bit too many necklaces (they probably don't really even match), lots of bracelets, and fluffy pink hair. just mark my words.


Olivia said...

I would have never guessed you were that shy...

yes, if you are not wearing jewlery, something would be the matter! You always look so put-together and fab!

Kim Luck said...

I still think the "grass" thing is so funny. What a good mom you are though to put your fear aside and sit on the grass anyways(only if you have too) for your kids games. Thank goodness baseball has bleachers huh?!