Tuesday, February 08, 2011

pink perfection

anyone who knows me, knows that pink is my FAVorite color. it has been for as long as i can remember. which is great because i am the girliest girl around. of course, i am also a mother of four boys. the wife of one manly-man husband, and mommy to two big boy dogs. all of this equals absolutely NO pink in my home. i asked stephan if he would mind if we painted our master bathroom the palest shade of pink. subtle. classic. elegant. his response (my polite version of it) was no way, no how.
so, for now (because i haven't given up yet), my blog will be plastered with the pinkiest of pink gorgeous eye-candy! enjoy.

pantone's color of the year, a marvelous shade of pink:

can't you just see me jetting around town on this:

while wearing these:
Old Gringo Boots

Giovanni Boldini

love the pink union jack rug. such a dreamy dressing room.

i absolutely NEED this copy. i have scoured the internet looking for one, but to no avail.

and this, another necessary object:

my sister lives within walking distance to this dreamy tea shoppe. how heavenly would that be??

a pink diamond ring from Tiffany's? yes, please!


Jandi said...

Those boots are so YOU. You have to have them. I love that Marilyn pose. Everything pink. You deserve at least one tiny space with it!

Natalie said...

pink glorious pink. i'll forever think of you, miss pink tumbleweed. those boots are SO you - you need them. and as for me, you know how i need that pink silhouette copy of jane eyre for my collection - oh the urgency of it all! the scooter buzzing around italy - perfect. i'll take mine in red and we'll be off! i have a copy of that dream dressing room with union jack rug in my inspiration book - so fab. WHAT A POST!

Ruth said...

Fun post!