Monday, February 14, 2011

lovely pink holiday

how could anyone not be a fan of such a delightful, love-ly, pink holiday?? it's beyond me.
okay, okay, i'll admit, there were some bad years. some lonely years. some bitter years when the constant reminder of lack of love was unbearable. even then i still loved the pinkness of it all. and the chocolate.

this year a special ice carving was one of my special valentines:

and i baked some yummy heart-shaped cupcakes:

for dinner we dined on pink, heart-shaped pancakes (i convinced my family that most things taste better pink!):

i made valentines for my special boys... everyone became illustrated. this was stephan's card (on the side it says "you are my happy thought".

i hope your valentines day was wonderful!


Jandi said...

Those pancakes look pink-alicious. Your cards... FANTASTIC. Those are so cute and accurate to your family. You are so creative and "sketchy". (HA HA!)

Olivia said...

those are very cute illustrations!

Ruth said...

Your illustrations are so cute!