Thursday, February 10, 2011

inspiration: italy part 1

i am hopelessly in love with italy. have i ever been there? no. but i will. i ABSOLUTELY will.
this obsession began at a young age.

i'll take the pink one, please!

image source on first three: unknown (pictures i collected from i can't remember where!)

then came a few movies that really sealed the deal. the first being the talented mr. ripley. of course it didn't hurt that the movie is set in the 1950's. fabulous. the costuming was brilliant and dreamy. i immediately put san remo on my italy travel tour.

under the tuscan sun. tuscany goes on the list.

so let's continue with the food of it all. we'll start with gelato. i am not much of an ice cream lover. i had my first taste of gelato when i was very young and my palette just hasn't been satisfied with anything less since.


pasta. it is perfection. hands down my favorite thing to eat. i never tire of it. ever. i bet i could get some dang good pasta in italy!

pizza. who doesn't love a good slice? i am sure one can have amazing pizza all over italy, but i have a craving for a slice (or whole pie, who am i kidding??) from pizzeria da michele.

and yes, i will wait in that line.
the history enthusiast in me can't turn a blind eye to the breath-taking architecture italy has to offer. it is endless.


i didn't touch on art or fashion. they really deserve their own post, so stayed tuned.


Jandi said...

Sounds like you have OUR trip all planned. When do we leave?! Love it...

Natalie said...

oh girl, you KNOW i've got a bad case of italyswoon myself. gorgeous images you've found. the italy section of "eat, pray, love" was an awesome fix for me.