Thursday, March 05, 2009

my trip to nervous-breakdown-ville

i know i've blogged about this love/hate relationship with computers. yes. i know i have because once a year or so my computer makes me jump through hoops. this time the term "panic-attacks" doesn't even begin to come close to an accurate description of my experience.

i'm not going to go through the play-by-play of it all. i will just say that i have been schooled by my computer and hard drive. did you know you can lose everything on your hard drive? yep, you probably did. in fact, judging by the look on the Best Buy workers face, i am one of very few naive people out there who didn't know this. it doesn't take much really. and then, poof. gone. seriously, totally gone. pictures, digi files, music, programs. gone. tears were shed. heart palpatations occured. i assure you i am not being dramatic. i came face to face with my total dependence on my computer and hard drive - and it wasn't pretty.

so lesson learned. the hard way. the hardest way. i will back EVERYTHING in creation up - three fold. period.

oh, and thank you to donna - computer diva extraordinaire. stacey - cs3 diva extraordinaire. and stephan, for occasionally bringing me back from that oh so dark, rocking myself, crazed stare, senseless mumbling, state of being.


Olivia said...

That SUCKS, and I hate/love computers also. Can't live with them, can't live without them sort of thing huh? Sorry you had to learn your lesson the hard way :( But hopefully that will mean that you get a few years of "good juju" from the computer gods and nothing else awful will happen!

Natalie* said...

so glad to have you back in the blogging world - i've missed you! now tell your computer to behave itself or we'll send it to time out.

Grandma Dana said...

Glad you are better today. You are right, Donna is a computer Diva. She thinks I don't appreciate her but I do. It really is important to back up everything. It was hard lesson for me to learn too.

Nicole said...

that really is awful. i am so sorry.

Toria said...

that's horrible. I'm glad you're back to blogging, but I understand the nervous breakdown. I've almost had them at the "thought" of losing everything. Or I have had some mini-ones (that to my husband and others made them fear the non-mini ones) just over losing one memory card for my camera. These techie things are wonderful when they do what you want, otherwise, it's not pretty. Hang in there!