Tuesday, March 17, 2009

return from my 'internet interlude'...

i think my computer drama prompted me to take a break from the internet. from blogging, blog-surfing - all of it. it was nice, i must say.
in that time i have worked on my studio a bit. my husband built me an awesome, waist-high desk. i put chicken wire on the wall for my inspiration board. and my friend natalie and i made bird dream catchers.
my apologies if in my haste some of the pics are a bit blurry. i didn't want to mess with the lighting, and frankly was feeling a bit lazy. so there you go.

oh, and the underlining thing.....more computer/blog meyhem! does anyone know how to fix it??


Natalie* said...

many many things to say my dear:

- Guinevere looks absolutely perfect.
- the fabric hanging thingy is perfect...makes me wish i had invested more time/effort in mine!
- all the leaflets regarding the paris flea market has got my fingers itching - positively cannot wait.
- i really want to come over and utilize your crafting space - so much better than mine.
- i really want one of those metal squares like yours - remind me where you found yours...

Olivia said...

What kind of computer/blogging mayhem are we talking about?

kim said...

Love the room. Stephan did a great job on the table.

Family Valois said...

I am so in love with your studio! I am so jealous of your studio! And I love love love the bird dream catcher!