Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the summer of the bucket list...

i am not a lover of summer.
it's true.
so to bring some level (any level) of excitement for the sweaty season i have decided to do a bucket list. i've never done a bucket list before. i'm loving it. usually with these things the novelty wears off for me quickly (ahem...like my blog...). but this.. i'm super motivated to do each and every activity. i've made them fairly simple, but 100% summer.  so in keeping with the list item that says to document the bucket list as i do each activity, i will do that in part here.

to keep some kind of order, i will go back to some of the june activities.
ready? let's go.....


 bonnie brae ice cream is in denver. it was good. delicious, even. but i am still on the hunt for the "perfect" ice cream.


this was the only picture i took. but don't worry...this activity will be ongoing. i LOVE tennis.


 pure joy. serious joy. and let me tell you, this water was COLD. and there was a cool breeze. the boy loves water and will not be stopped when it is there for the taking.

the slip-n-slide is a bit confusing to ash. he laid down, put his arms out, and waited...and waited. i tried to show him what to do from the sidelines, but he still wasn't getting the concept. i will have to strap on my suit, and take one for the team by slamming my body down the ice cold plastic runway. depending on how brave i am feeling there may or may not be pictures of this.


Kristen said...

Woo hoo! I love the bucket list idea. I think I will do one next summer. Great pics!

Jandi said...

I've been there to that ice cream place. It is good, however, perfect it is not. Love the water pictures! That boy does love the water. I want to see a picture of you on that slip-n-slide please.